Come To Us for Shiny Wood Floors

Hire us for wood floor cleaning services in Phoenix, Gilbert or Chandler, AZ

Keeping your wood floors clean is a hassle. Having to move furniture and making sure that you're using the right cleaning products can be too much to fit into your busy schedule. Fortunately, Over And Beyond provides high-quality wood floor cleaning services in Phoenix, Gilbert & Chandler, AZ. We use the materials that are best for the job so your wood floor comes out undamaged and spotless.

Your floors will look incredible once we're done. Call 480-353-9948 now to get a free estimate.

Get your wood floors cleaned by a professional

We have years of experience in wood floor cleaning and have all of the equipment needed to do the job right. We can also combine this service with other floor cleanings around the house if you’d like.

Here’s our process for cleaning wood floors:

  • We’ll inspect the area and determine the best solution to clean the wood
  • We’ll move any furniture that’s in the way before we get to work
  • We’ll clean the floor with our cleaning machine and any other necessary tools
  • We’ll inspect the area with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the results

Make your wood floors glisten again. Get in touch with us to get started.