Is your company license and bonded?

Yes we are licensed and bonded

Do you treat for pet issues?

Yes we enzyme and deodorize carpet and upholstery.

How often is carpet cleaning recommended?

times a years to help removed soil and hard to remove stains.

Do you clean with a truck mounted unit?


Is all products used in home safe for kids, pets and the environment?


Do you clean upholstery?


Do you deep clean tile?

Yes we high pressure deep clean all tile.

How long does it take for carpet to dry after cleaning?

With proper drying, it should take the carpets no more than 8-12 hours to completely dry.

Do I need to provide water for service?

Yes, the customer needs to provide a water source for service.

Do you move furniture?

We move easy to move furniture to the best of our ability. We ask that anything fragile is moved prior to service.